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Take a Sentimental Journey

September 12
by Maria Boling

There is no such thing as a normal life. If you have ever daydreamed by an open window, skimmed a pebble across a still lake, or stood in the silent world of snow, then you have a story to tell.

Writing life story memories can be a lot of fun, especially if you try to remember the moments not the years. Even age, whether a teenager or an adult, does not matter when you are ready for this incredible journey. Today will be tomorrow’s remembrance and once these current events have past they will only be in your memory unless you write them down. Some of your seasoned thoughts and musings have long been stuffed back and stored in the crevices of your mind. They can be activated with five simple steps: Read the rest of this entry »

In Search of a Hemingway Life

February 19
by Maria Boling

I belong to a village where dogs sleep in the street.
Stage hard times parties and haunt bars that never close,
Snooze in a hammock; discuss passion with pale tourists,
Dream in color and count unseen railroad cars that clickety clack in the night.

I have fun, romance, adventure—in any order I please.
After sunset, I lift a goblet of amber liquid and toast a tropical moon.
I ride a bicycle down a ribbon-skinny road and wear tacky tee shirts,
Exhale in crimson and orange and fashion my skill in a blue-painted cottage.

I buy pencils by the gross and yellow pads by the dozen,
List my profession as writer and my diversion as barfly.
I guard cats that nap in the sun while I take catnaps in the shade.
I hunt for sea riches in potholed reefs and search the horizon for Moby Dick.

I live a Mardi Gras life far from the cold night air.
I shield this mellow life by hiding out on a dusty island.
Pass as a beach bum and drink warmed over coffee from second hand cups.
With earnest words, I lead story lovers into my forever-holiday, Hemingway life.