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Ruby, My Dear

March 8
by Fred Shaw

An excerpt from “Two Dogs on a Couch”.
A memoir by Fred Shaw

I’m driving my little maroon Honda Civic out of the Oxford Valley Mall in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. My five year old granddaughter, Kelly, is in the passenger’s seat—there are no airbags. My dog, Ruby, who has been with me for less than a month, is in the back seat. I come to a stop sign and look up and down the street and then at my granddaughter. Trance-like she gazes through the windshield; she can only see the sky. It’s the same ethereal look she had on the Flemington to Ringoes steam-train ride earlier this year. Read the rest of this entry »

Mr. Deep Pockets on Vacation!

August 21
by Fred Shaw

What a vacation! Nancy and I are concluding three weeks in New Zealand and Australia with five days in Sydney. And damn the expense! Our hotel is the Regent Sydney and is advertised as one of the five best hotels in the world. All that tells you is someone thinks there are four better hotels somewhere else, but “Mr. Deep Pockets” (That’s me.) doesn’t care, he is overjoyed to spend $350 a night for a room that overlooks Sydney’s harbor and the Opera House, as long as Nancy is happy.

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As the Mist Resembles Rain

February 1
by admin

by Fred Shaw

In this collection of stories we find the world’s smartest dog that has senses not understood—he’s also a killer. We find a mother who carries a seventy year grudge against her son to her grave, a beating that takes more than twelve years to revenge, a one-legged Vietnam vet intent on murder and an eight year old boy frightened by a thunderstorm and…a memoir on the author’s survival from a rare cancer.

This varied mix of short stories contains pieces of the author’s life. The pieces, however, are not portraits but snapshots. Fred Shaw tells these in a style that is straightforward with little adornment, allowing the reader to fill in the blanks where needed.

There is truth and there is fiction. Fred seeks truth in the reaction of the characters to guilt, greed and the many pitfalls of the human condition created by his fictional settings. Several of the stories are memoirs whose truth is blurred by time but nonetheless still seek the actual, true response to a situation.

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My Favorite Jazz Concert

January 19
by Fred Shaw

I picked up the remote and powered the television. The channel already selected was CNN Headline News. It was my daily check to see if anything cataclysmic had occurred in the world. I try to do this at the beginning of the hour but I was a little early so some health report was underway; I changed the channel to CNN. Commercial! Reluctantly I tried the Fox Network. Commercial! Back to Headline News! The scroll across the bottom of the screen was moving out of sight but I did see, “Played with Miles Davis, Sonny Rollins” and “He was 73.” The scroll disappeared as Headline News also switched to a commercial advertisement. (Do you realize for every hour of television you watch you ‘get’ twenty two minutes of advertising?)

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