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Jake’s Goodbye

September 9
by Alan Beske

It was thirty minutes after sunrise on a warm June morning, but Jake was not ready to get up.  He had lived on this sprawling Georgia farm his whole life, like his father and mother before him.  During his younger years, he’d always been the first one up, just after the earliest rooster call.  He was too old for that now.  His mind was no longer sharp, his bones ached, he had sporadic bouts with incontinence, and walking was very difficult for him.

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Ancient Legacies Unleashed

May 19
by Alan Beske

Ancient Legacies UnleashedDr. James Chambers, Chancellor University’s most popular history professor, told the fall semester students in his Western Civilization class that legacies from past civilizations could provide clues for solving present-day problems.
A mere five months later, Ryan Anderson, Rebecca Chan and Sarah Flemming, three of his brightest and most resourceful students, were painfully aware of the accuracy of the professor’s pronouncement.
Initially they enjoyed all the new and exciting challenges faced by beginning freshmen, but within weeks became progressively fascinated with the deaths of prominent Atlanta citizens, murdered under extremely bizarre circumstances. Their curiosity drew them from the streets of Atlanta to the mountains of North Georgia as they tried to unravel these mysteries which had authorities baffled.
Their discovery of alarming parallels between the perplexing crimes and villainous figures from Greek mythology ultimately provided a dramatic solution which brought an inconceivable serial killer to justice.


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Alexander’s Obsession

January 22
by Alan Beske

Judd Harmon’s life is in chaos. His young son is dead . . . his wife is gone . . . his creditors are relentless . . . and unsavory acts he committed as security vice president for faltering Linton Technologies are about to surface. When the reclusive and vengeful billionaire, known only as Alexander, offers Harmon a fortune for orchestrating a forced takeover of a major pharmaceutical company, Harmon is compelled to listen.

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