May 3
by Vivian Sheperis

Aries, as you know, was born of fire
A mighty ram
Pawing the cliff with knuckled hoof
Peering red eyes sheltered under bony brows
Heated up to ride on Cardinal waves
Across the Milky Way

A thunderous horn announces his approach
All heads pay attention
Longing for his nod
He knows the way
Trampling underfoot where none before
Has thought to stride

Never thinking to invite “Come run with me”
He strides the vast unknown
The luscious, fearless, wide
Wrapping of arms
Around a world of possibilities

You must risk the choice
To walk in step with him
You must choose the climb, the rocky way
No ego allowed
No hoping
No condescending

You are in it
To reap the glory
The final glory
Unexpected glory
Of seeing

There are more things
Under the April sun
Than you can dream of.

by Vivian Sheperis

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