June 29
by Vivian Sheperis


Red Eyes in a head of scales leads its tail and forks its tongue, thirsting for sun and chicks.

Hermaphrodite, without vision, corkscrews into the dark but knows to stop before it hits China.

Fiddleheads turn to the left, turn to the right, searching for their bows.

Rat-a-Tat plucks the Beetle from brown bark. Beetle doesn’t know.
Larvae chomp and inch, chomp and inch. Leaves succumb.

Fire Ants swarm the Chipmunk.

Snapping Turtle sniffs carrion, eyes Boxer who shrinks his neck under foreskin and shell.

Puffs in a Fairy Ring burst their spores, infecting the air.

The Wasp pierces the Spider.

Showers clatter Raindrops off leaves.


The Coyote howls. Cats prowl.

Owl widens eyes and swivels neck, swoops and glides, narrowing in.

Mouse quakes under black oak.

Water wears down Rock, roars its pathway, shouts over discord of squeal and bleat.

Babies under bellies listen to uproar, lids crack open.

Stars weaken and twinkle, can not shed light on Earth,

Waiting for Moon, the idler.

Beauty is as Beauty does.


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