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Passing Through

October 31

Jack Fay has published his novel, Passing Through. Many people have wanted to write about the characters and incidents they have encountered along the course of their lives, but Jack Fay has done it.

The novel’s protagonist, Jack Moran, begins life in a Boston Irish ghetto where he acquires survival skills that prepare him for careers in the military and corporate security. Moran makes his way through a maze of obstacles that involve alluring women and deadly adversaries, but he is unable to shake off a burden that keeps him distant from other people. Even Mildred, his perceptive companion, is unable to break through his wall.

Passing Through is available on the web in both paperback and e-book from Amazon or from AuthorHouse

Jack Fay is a former government special agent …read more


Encounter on the Flathead

August 10

Encounter on the Flathead and other Recollections is a collection of 27 true stories from the author’s life.


available in the books by local authors section at the

Foothills IGA in Marble Hill

Copies also may be purchased directly from the author

email Travis at

telephone at 706-579- 2694

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Ancient Legacies Unleashed

May 19

Ancient Legacies UnleashedDr. James Chambers, Chancellor University’s most popular history professor, told the fall semester students in his Western Civilization class that legacies from past civilizations could provide clues for solving present-day problems.
A mere five months later, Ryan Anderson, Rebecca Chan and Sarah Flemming, three of his brightest and most resourceful students, were painfully aware of the accuracy of the professor’s pronouncement.
Initially they enjoyed all the new and exciting challenges faced by beginning freshmen, but within weeks became progressively fascinated with the deaths of prominent Atlanta citizens, murdered under extremely bizarre circumstances. Their curiosity drew them from the streets of Atlanta to the mountains of North Georgia as they tried to unravel these mysteries which had authorities baffled.
Their discovery of alarming parallels between the perplexing crimes and villainous figures from Greek mythology ultimately provided a dramatic solution which brought an inconceivable serial killer to justice.


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As the Mist Resembles Rain

February 1

by Fred Shaw

In this collection of stories we find the world’s smartest dog that has senses not understood—he’s also a killer. We find a mother who carries a seventy year grudge against her son to her grave, a beating that takes more than twelve years to revenge, a one-legged Vietnam vet intent on murder and an eight year old boy frightened by a thunderstorm and…a memoir on the author’s survival from a rare cancer.

This varied mix of short stories contains pieces of the author’s life. The pieces, however, are not portraits but snapshots. Fred Shaw tells these in a style that is straightforward with little adornment, allowing the reader to fill in the blanks where needed.

There is truth and there is fiction. Fred seeks truth in the reaction of the characters to guilt, greed and the many pitfalls of the human condition created by his fictional settings. Several of the stories are memoirs whose truth is blurred by time but nonetheless still seek the actual, true response to a situation.

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Alexander’s Obsession

January 22

Judd Harmon’s life is in chaos. His young son is dead . . . his wife is gone . . . his creditors are relentless . . . and unsavory acts he committed as security vice president for faltering Linton Technologies are about to surface. When the reclusive and vengeful billionaire, known only as Alexander, offers Harmon a fortune for orchestrating a forced takeover of a major pharmaceutical company, Harmon is compelled to listen.

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Blood Of A Stranger

January 20

Dr. Brent Dalton’s professional and private lives spiral downward when he tests positive for HIV following an accident in the operating room. In rapid sequence, Dalton is sued by a former patient who alleges he infected her with the virus, his hospital privileges are taken away, patient referrals disappear, and he is compelled to close his office and surgical practice.

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Chinaberry Summer

January 20

It’s early summer, 1947 in Riverton, Alabama. Graham Flourney looks forward to a summer free of teacher demands but learns that Life is the most demanding teacher of all.

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