David HoltyDavid Holty moved to Big Canoe after a long career in the specialty chemicals industry. He has kept busy with volunteer activities in the community, including writing assignments for interviews, news stories, announcements and strategic planning documents. Many of these have found their way into Smoke Signals, and he was asked to contribute a monthly opinion column, called “The Conservative Conservationist.” He has written about a wide range of subjects including wildlife, plant life and forest conservation, energy, water, and many other environmental issues.

Anita RosenAnita Rosen joined the Big Canoe Writers Group in 2014. Readers of Smoke Signals, Big Canoe’s newspaper, know Anita’s widely read columns. She is editor of the newspaper’s  Living, Sports and Outdoors sections. A collection of her essays about the places and people along the local well-traveled Yellow Creek Road is available online. Anita joined the Writers Group to try her hand at writing short stories. Read Anita’s series, Along Yellow Creek Road

Bill Booth enjoys writing memoirs and outdoor adventures, sometimes with a twist at the end. In his former life, he was a general surgeon, and his first novel, Blood of a Stranger, is a medical mystery. He currently is working on a collection of short stories.
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Travis H. McDanielTravis H. McDaniel writes about significant events in the lives of his ancestors, as well as memoir, fiction, poetry and an occasional song. He has also written books on McDaniel family history, his career in wildlife management, Civil War service records of his relatives, and a recently completed memoir collection titled Encounter on the Flathead – and other recollections. He has also published over a half-dozen non-fiction stories in “Georgia Backroads” magazine, and another scheduled for publication in a winter issue of “Virginia Wildlife.” Read one of Travis’ stories..

Jack Fay is a former government special agent and director of the National Crime Prevention Institute. He has published eleven text books and taught at four universities. He holds the Master of Business Administration degree, and is currently owner of Learning Shop USA, a school that provides online courses for private investigators. Sample Jack Fay’s writing…

Vivian Sheperis finds her writing often tumbles out from universal consciousness onto the page in surprise. Sometimes it’s a memory of the heart. Another time it’s poetry stacking its lines. For fun there’s irony, and in between some humor. Retired after a career of teaching literature and composition, it’s now her turn to pen her own lines.
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Jim Elliott writes anecdotes about his many fishing trips to the Florida Keys and marginally humorous memoirs about growing up in a small Michigan town. His memoirs have been published in Michigan History and Michigan Blue magazines. He occasionally contributes to Big Canoe’s newspaper, Smoke Signals.
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Ken Reynolds writes about books and voices his opinion on various issues for Smoke Signals. He also writes short stories, essays and memoirs. He published Turned Pages, a collection of Opinions, Observations and Reviews.
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more of Ken’s commentary, opinions and observations are available on his website www.turnedpages.net

Fred Shaw loves living in Big Canoe, Georgia with his wife, Nancy, his two dogs, Rags and Candy and cat, Lady Day. Writing short stories was not part of his activities until he joined the Big Canoe Writer’s Group in 2000. Smoke Signals, Big Canoe’s community newspaper has published dozens of his articles. As the theater critic for Smoke Signals On-Line he writes a monthly column “Curtain Calls.” He writes short stories for his own pleasure.
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Maria Boling, author of “How to Write Your Life Stories”, teaches creative writing workshops, including the popular “How to Write for Your Own Amusement -and Sporadic Filthy Lucre.” Her work has appeared in The Atlanta Constitution, Georgia Magazine, Story Digest, Bright Side, Élan Vital, The Gazette and a variety of newspapers. Maria has guest lectured at the DeKalb Arts Festival and Georgia Writers’ seminars. She is the retired editor of “The Silver Eagle” where her editorials and articles frequently appeared. Maria has enjoyed a long 42 year career as a Real Estate Broker and says, “I sell real estate to support my writing habit.”
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Jim Smith writes about native plants and botanical history. His articles have appeared in the publications of The Georgia Native Plant Society, the Georgia Botanical Society, and the Wildflower Societies of Alabama and Missouri. Jim admits that Patrick McManus’ humor is influencing his current project: memoirs of family, friends (some unforgettable) and characters (some perhaps better forgotten) he encountered along the way. Read samples of Jim’s work…

Alan Beske writes short stories and novels about corporate intrigue, mysteries, and general human experiences. His books include Ancient Legacies Unleashed, in which a serial killer rampage is halted by inquisitive college freshmen, and Alexander’s Obsession, about a hostile takeover of a pharmaceutical company driven by a reclusive billionaire. See what Alan writes…